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Think Outside of the Box

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I heard a question asked that went something like this:

"You have $5. You would like a pack of gum, which costs $2 and a meal which costs $5. What do you do?" I have asked several people this question and have gotten answers like, "I'd get the meal because food is more important than gum" or "I'd get the gum and save $3". One person answered "I'll make more money and purchase both." This is the answer that I was searching for. The truth of the matter is that if you think outside of the box and use $4 to purchase a case of water, then sell each bottle of water for $1, you would have $24 total, which is enough to purchase the gum, the meal and have money left over. This is how successful millionaires and billionaires think. They think in terms of win-win. I dare you to adopt this way of thinking. It will cause you to expand your thinking beyond what is presented to you to a space where you create the reality that you want.

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