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It appears that the entire world is smitten with success. There are millions of dollars spent on self-help books and millions of views on social media outlets on the topic of success. One of my favorite magazines to read is Success Magazine. But success is not merely a characteristic of the new world view. It is something that originated with God. In the beginning, everything that God did in creating the earth and the universe was successful. God is a God of success. Wouldn’t you agree? And as a result, He wants you to be successful. In fact, major companies regularly include a warranty with their products because they understand that their brand name depends on the success of the product. Likewise, God wants you to be successful because His name depends on your success. Matthew 5:16 says "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Your good works, or the success that you have will bring glory to God. Many people define success as monetary wealth, fame, or power, but success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This means that success comes in as many forms as goals and purposes do. We must strive to accomplish everything that we set out to do. Don't allow your goals to go unmet. Don't allow yourself to be stifled. WE WILL NOT BE DENIED!!! We must strive for success!!!

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